With office locations in Vestal and Goshen NY, we work within our local communities across the Southern Tier and Lower Hudson Valley - and across the country - to help our clients define and reach their personal wealth goals.

We Specialize in Helping


Nearing Retirement/Retired

When you’re nearing retirement or are retired, the financial planning conversation changes. Instead of “how much can you save and how do you invest,” the question now becomes “how do you replace your paycheck”? We’ll help you make the critical decisions on pension options, Social Security benefit timing and coordination, and optimize your income from savings. We can also assist with your legacy planning goals.


Families in Motion

Raising a family is a big responsibility, often leaving you little time to dedicate to your finances. We’re here to help you determine how to best cover financial needs for your kids while not losing sight of your retirement funding. We specialize in both college saving and college selection to balance the cost of tuition with the quality of education.


K-12 Educators

Understanding your tiered retirement benefits through NYSTRS or other retirement systems can be challenging. No matter if you plan to continue as an educator for the long-term or change jobs, we can help you understand your benefits and how to maximize them to pursue your personal wealth goals.



We’ve all heard the statistics on how much wealth women are beginning to control. Yet knowing how to invest to help meet your goals can be overwhelming. We take the uncertainty out of the financial planning process for women single by choice or circumstance.


Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing

As concern has grown about issues relating to climate change, corporate governance and social justice, an increasing number of people want to invest in a way that pairs achieving competitive returns with making the world a better place. You may have heard this referred to as socially responsible, sustainable or ESG investing among other terms. Bottom line - we’ll help you create a portfolio of investments that reflects your values and concerns while meeting your goals.


New Investors

No matter where you are in life or how old, it’s never too late for financial planning. Whether you’re in your 20s and investing in a 401k plan for the first time, in your 40s and trying to increase your savings or in your 60s and evaluating your retirement income options, we have you covered.