01. About Us

We are an independent financial planning and investment management firm located in Vestal, New York, in New York’s Southern Tier. Our goal quite simply is to help our clients make sure that their financial actions are aligned with their life goals and work with them to achieve those goals.

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Our advisors Ed Yetsko, Kevin Dempsey, and Brianna Sternkopf, each with their own approach and skill set, are supported by a dedicated and experienced client service staff that takes pride in nurturing the personal relationships that we have developed with our clients.

02. Our Philosophy

Wealth Management is a term you hear many firms use today to describe their services. The dictionary definition of wealth - a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property or other riches - would lead you to believe that you need a great deal of money or a large investment portfolio to benefit from “wealth management” But what is wealth really?

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We find the synonyms for wealth of “richness” and “fullness” to be more descriptive of our thoughts on wealth. If you effectively use the resources you have available to achieve a rich and full life, spending time doing the things that you value, and providing for your family and legacy, then we believe that you have achieved personal wealth.

At Aspire, we work with our clients to do just that, through a diligent financial planning process.

03. Our Process

A sound financial plan is based on a thorough process that brings your goals and resources into focus and involves the following steps:

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  • Identifying and quantifying your goals
  • Gathering and assessing all relevant information
  • Developing a realistic plan to move toward your goals
  • Implementing your plan using the appropriate financial tools
  • Monitoring your progress and making adjustments as necessary based on your changing personal circumstances and changes in the financial environment

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Our Team

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