Goals-Based Investing

We start with your goals in several financial planning categories, prioritize them and start working toward them. Your goals could range from buying a car, to saving more money, to retiring early or starting a business.


Retirement Planning

Our approach to retirement planning goes beyond saving for it. As you near retirement, we turn our attention to how to optimize your income during retirement – through your savings, any pension you may have and Social Security. We start evaluating your retirement income years in advance to make sure you know what to expect and understand when retirement is most feasible for you. And our collaborative software program keeps your plan continually updated. We also offer a subscription-based planning program. The Platinum Level Financial Planning subscription is a good place to start for retirement planning.


Retirement Planning for K-12 Educators

We have a National Education Association Retirement Specialist on our team to help you sort through the NYSTRS pension tiers (and other state teacher pension plans), understand your 403(b) retirement plan and help you determine how to maximize your contributions. 


Legacy Planning

Leaving a legacy is more than leaving assets. Our approach combines traditional estate planning with how to convey your family’s values and history to the next generation. We work with your attorney to ensure the legal and financial elements of your plan are coordinated.

Portfolio Management

Our advisor-managed portfolios are tailored to your goals and risk comfort level. They are constructed with individual securities, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Complete our Risk Assessment Questionnaire to see where you stand.

Risk Assessment Questionnaire

College Planning

College planning goes beyond saving for it. With tuition continually increasing, we help you evaluate college quality of education compared to the cost to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. We’ll also help you sort out the world of financial aid planning and your expected family contribution estimate. Learn more about how we can help using our state-of-the-art College Aid Pro™ software.


Socially Responsible Investing

We’ll help you align your return goals with making the world a better place by identifying sustainable, responsible and impact investment options that reflect your values. Start by taking the Ethos ESG questionnaire to help you identify the causes that are important to you. Learn more about our AspireQuest Portfolios designed by our Chartered SRI Counselor™ (CSRIC®).

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Ethos ESG Questionnaire

Tax Planning

Managing your tax liability is an integral part of a financial plan and is incorporated into our process and planning software. We work with you (and your accountant if applicable) to make sure both accumulation and income generation are done in as tax efficient a manner as possible.

Business Retirement Plans

Determining how to set up a retirement plan for your business can feel overwhelming with all the other “to dos” on your list. We can help you explore 401(k) plans, SEPs and SIMPLEs, offer enrollment support and ongoing education for participants, monitor plan investments and coordinate with your 401(k) provider and any third-party administrator to ensure that your plan runs smoothly.