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Retirement Income Solutions

Strategically Planning Your Retirement

Having planned for retirement for many years, are you ready to leave the paycheck behind and live off your assets? You have accumulated a nest egg but now the question is how do you best distribute your nest egg so that your money will last, given your lifestyle and goals? How do you integrate your distribution plan with income sources such as social security and pensions?

As a Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA®) and Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professional, Ed Yetsko has specialized expertise in retirement distribution planning and looks beyond managing investments or retirement products, taking an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to develop a complete framework for your retirement plan.
Issues such as inflation, longevity, forced retirement from a job loss or health issue—these can all play a role in determining retirement outcomes. Developing customized retirement income plans, and updating those plans as necessary, can help minimize worry and bring peace of mind as you enter a new phase of life.

A comprehensive retirement income plan will include the following areas:

A comprehensive retirement income plan will include the following areas:

  • Household balance sheet analysis that incorporates not only assets and liabilities, but also income streams and retirement expenses, to determine your “level of fundedness”
  • Detailed social security benefit analysis to optimize your social security claiming strategy and coordinate benefits with your spouse
  • Designing a plan to draw on your various investment accounts in a tax efficient manner
  • Evaluating whether and to what extent Roth IRA conversions may make sense as part of your plan
  • Helping assess and manage risks such as market risk, spending risk, longevity risk, and household shock risk

Learn more about the RMA-designation and planning methodology.

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