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The term “wealth management” makes people think you need a great deal of money or a large investment portfolio to benefit from working with a financial planner. Not so.

Personal wealth is more than money
The synonyms for wealth of “richness” and “fullness” reflect our financial planning approach. By effectively using the resources you have available to achieve a rich and full life – spending time doing things you value, providing for your family and leaving a legacy – we believe you have achieved personal wealth.

We specialize in new investors, families in motion, K-12 educators, women, those nearing or in retirement and sustainable, responsible and impact investors.

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The freedom to tailor planning to you
We are an independent financial planning and investment management firm. This means that we have access to a wide range of wealth management solutions and the freedom to select the best options for our clients with no obligations or commitments to any one financial solution provider. Our flexible fee structure allows us to tailor our planning to best meet the needs of the clients that we serve.

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