• Do you have a minimum investment account size for new clients?

    No, we do not have a specific minimum investment account size.  In fact, some clients may choose to engage us strictly on a fee for service basis. However, for clients seeking investment services, account size will be a factor in the approach that we may recommend for a client.

  • Your website mentions American Portfolios Financial Services and American Portfolios Advisors. Who are they and how do they fit in?

    American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. (APFS) is an independent broker-dealer firm and member of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). American Portfolios Advisors, Inc. (APA) is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser firm. APFS and APA provide supporting services and access to the various financial solutions that we utilize for our clients and ensure that we are meeting all regulatory requirements. They also provide a level of due diligence to ensure that we are offering the highest quality solutions. Aspire Financial Group, LLC is a separate and distinct entity, and our advisors have an independent contractor status with APFS and APA.