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Families in Motion

Families Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Even though every family is unique, we find that there are some common goals, situations, and financial events and milestones that families experience. Review common goals families may have at various times in their lives. We would be happy to help you explore and plan for these goals or any other ones that you have.

There are also specific situations where families may be looking for financial guidance.

There are also specific situations where families may be looking for financial guidance.

Here are a few common ones:

  • Buying a home
  • Protecting your family from death or disability
  • Having (or adopting) children
  • College planning*
  • Changing jobs and moving
  • Receiving an inheritance or windfall
  • Rolling over a dormant 401(k) from a past employer

*College planning is a unique planning discipline since it involves not only saving for college but understanding how the financial aid system works and the impact it has on smart college selection and saving in the most effective manner. Associate Wealth Advisor Brianna Sternkopf has specialized knowledge and expertise to help parents understand and navigate the Financial Aid system and how to plan your college search. 

We have several checklists and flowcharts that can help you identify the important issues and ask the right questions for these and other situations. Click here for a list of resources we have available.

Families interested in getting started on a long-term financial plan may find our Gold Level Financial Planning subscription service a good place to start. Learn more about our subscription-based planning services.

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