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Ed Yetsko Fees

Ed serves clients primarily in an investment advisor capacity, compensated by advisory fees. Services include investment management and financial planning consultations.

Here is a summary of how Ed’s compensation is currently structured:

  • Fees for managing investment portfolios are based on a percentage of assets under management (AUM) and detailed in the advisory agreement. Fees are deducted directly from accounts and are shown on quarterly performance reports.
  • Financial planning services are performed on a fixed fee or subscription basis and detailed in an advisory agreement. Planning fees may be paid by check, deduction from a bank account, or credit card.
  • Financial planning services are provided at no additional charge for investment advisory clients with assets under management of $600,000 or above. For investment advisory clients with less than $600,000 under management receiving financial planning services, a hybrid fee structure may apply (combination of an AUM fee and planning fee).
  • Fees for advisory services on 401(k) plans are based on a percentage of plan assets and are detailed in ERISA 408(b)(2) disclosures.
  • For existing clients that continue to hold retail mutual fund investments or direct variable annuities outside of one of our advisory programs and periodically add funds or have "buy and hold" brokerage accounts where they may occasionally place securities orders, Ed may receive commissions for this work.
  • For clients that require insurance products such as life and disability income insurance, long term care insurance, or fixed annuities to implement financial planning recommendations, Ed will generally refer this work to other advisors but may share in commissions from the sale of these products.

For a complete discussion and disclosure of the investment approaches offered through American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. and American Portfolios Advisors, Inc. and the types of fees associated with those services, please see our Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS).